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PODUFAL-WIEHOFSKY: General contracting establishes security and relief.

Development in planning and construction is becoming an increasingly complex challenge. European legislation, technical regulations, rules and safety regulations, requirements of fire safety and other laws are forcing clients, architects and engineers to continuously consult and debate with all the partners that are involved in the planning.

In the general contracting all engineering services, which are necessary for the creation of a construction project, under one roof. These include architecture, structural analysis, engineering, surveying of land and geological survey.

The client benefits from the coordination by the general contractor and works with only one person, who is responsible for all planning- and engineering services.


One liaison contact only

The general contractor coordinates all engineering efforts and completes the project in full. This not only minimizes the number of contractors the client must interact with, but also provides the client security that every job will be done regardless of circumstantial problems arising with personnel/resources. For each project at PODUFAL-WIEHOFSKY, the planning and engineering steps involve several architects and engineers, and the general contractor ties all of this work together as well.

Fewer exchanges

The general contractor’s primary care and focus always remains on the construction. He continues to drive the planning process and keeps the client updated with all progress. In all decisions, the general contractor keeps an overview of all those already carried out as well as all those yet to be made. No additional exchanges with other architects or engineers are needed.

Reduced liability

In any project, the involvement of numerous architects and engineers may give rise to misunderstandings. Whilst the responsibility for this inter-personnel communication might elsewhere lie with the client, at PODUFAL-WIEHOFSKY it is the general contractor who ensures that all information is complete and resilient. In case of liability, we are the contact you will need.

Staying informed

As all engineering services are in the hands of the general contractor, the client benefits from a fast and smooth coordination. His construction project progresses as quickly as possible since all parties involved are on hand to confirm details and resolve disturbances as the arise. Throughout this, the client is at the forefront of key decisions and kept informed of all other details.

From start to finish

In general planning, the client has the whole team’s support from the word go. This applies not only to the planning and approval phases, but also to the location analysis, decision-making, purchase of real estate and logistics planning. During the construction phase, the general constructor works hand in hand with the owner right up until the keys are handed over.

Experience and safety

PODUFAL-WIEHOFSKY benefit from the experience of many successful construction projects. The sharing of experience of challenging and future-oriented construction projects within our team helps to ensure that all architects and engineers meet the same high level of expertise, and continue to expand and advance their knowledge.



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