The range of services PODUFAL-Wiehofsky provides are more than just of architectural nature. Each construction project will be carefully checked to find out which requirements have to be met. We advise our clients and examine every detail.
We advertise as chief planners. That means, we support our client from the first stages planning to the key delivery – as much as is necessary and as much our client wishes.

Hieraus ergeben sich verschiedene Anforderungen an Leistungen, Baustoffe und Grundlagen.

Langlebig. Effizient. Von Anfang an alles gedacht.

Ob Verkaufshallen, Lagerhalle, Hochregallager, Produktionshallen oder Logistikzentrum: Gerade bei der Planung und dem Bau von Gebäuden und Anlagen für die Industrie gilt: Nicht nur die Auswahl der Materialien und der Bauprozess haben in hohem Maß effizient und intelligent zu sein. Das Objekt muss über Jahre hinaus funktional, flexibel und wirtschaftlich die gestellten Anforderungen erfüllen.

Wir als Ihr Partner verstehen uns dabei als Architekten, Berater und Bauleiter für Ihr Bauprojekt. Deshalb bedenken wir alles schon am Beginn der Bauplanung und Logistik: Von einem reibungslosen Betriebsablauf zum Bauprozess über die optimale Nutzung des Raums und die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen wie Umweltauflagen bis zur Kosten- und Energieeffizienz. Damit sparen Sie bei der Errichtung Ihres Gewerbebaus Zeit und Geld.

Room for more ideas.

Modern business and administration buildings are far more than just structures. They are think tanks, communication spheres, habitats, oases. In short, they provide an enjoyable work environment. They also provide the highest energy efficiency, best economy, optimum soundproofing, reliable moisture proofing and effective heat insulation as well as a long lifespan.

From planning, to construction, to completion, we find the perfect balance between successful working environment and cost-effectiveness for the construction, building management and maintenance for you. Whether conventional, or following the principals of Feng Shui: We create the ideal environment for your corporate culture and workflow - the architecture and office concepts, whether you are in Germany and anywhere in the World.

Care is life.

Whether a retirement home, a clinic, a hospital or a doctor's office: The set task is to use intelligent care-service architecture or the construction of old-age homes to create optimal conditions for the patients and for staff. To construct clear rooms, disabled accesses and freedom of movement for disabled wellness areas. While simultaneously ensuring short distances between- and an easy overview of the clear structures.

In order to achieve this, it takes competent advice from the start. A successful land utilisation in compliance with all hygiene regulations and legal frameworks, planning following energy-efficient aspects and optimizing construction processes ensures a rapid, cost-effective and professional realization of your construction project as well as low operating costs in the future.

Residential: No less than a dream.

Apartment buildings, single family homes, condominiums: A home reflects the personality of its owner. This is why high quality residential construction means: Perfectly shaped housing, tailored to your wishes. From the planning of the layout and the choice of building materials over the site management and the selection of contractors to the key delivery we rely on high quality at its best value. We ensure that your property remains a low maintenance cost in the future right from the start. Whether it concerns solid construction, frame construction, passive house, low-energy building, an energy-efficient conventional new build or refurbishment:

We advise you on insulation-, heating-, electricity- and maintenance costs to your individual needs and are happy to take the role as a property developer. Similarly, if you are planning a multi-family house: We are glad to take care of, the property management after the completion of construction.

Sophisticated designs - large spans.

When considering spans, fire protection and other factors steelwork engineering is a common alternative to other support systems. We examine the demands associated with the object-specific requirements to get the most economical results.
The static calculations are done with the help of modern programs that are being updated in regular intervals.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

A major advantage of reinforced concrete structures to other structure systems is the fire protection. Regardless of this, we always calculate the profitability of several appropriate variations in order to find the optimal solution for each individual project.

For us there is not are no ready-made solutions. We work out extraordinary problems, like freestanding complex partitions in high-rack construction, or superstructures on running production buildings or inhabited skyscrapers. If the short construction times are required, the prefabricated component construction has its advantages. With good planning the construction of one level per week can be achieved.

For more naturalness

Wood subdues with its natural aesthetics, variety and warm atmosphere. The material is one of the oldest building materials in history, which is characterized by a great longevity, as many historic buildings (for example, half-timbered houses) show. It is a recyclable and domestic construction material, which plays an important role in terms of today's environmental awareness. Good fire protection and thermal insulation properties apply to the material. Wood is a lightweight building material, but it can nevertheless carry heavy loads.

Timber construction is often used in apartment construction, but also provides and alternative for commercial and industrial buildings, e.g. in the form of composite timber girders to steel, or reinforced concrete structures.

Designed down to the last fibre

Especially in industrial plants, office buildings, nursing homes or multi-family houses, the high legal constraints represent a major part of the construction costs. Therefore important requirements such as fire protection measures should already be playing an important role in the planning stages of a property. Our belief: Architecture and fire protection must reach a perfect symbiosis.
Through our extensive experience we will find the ideal fire protection concept for the property you desire - technically sophisticated to the bud, efficient, inexpensive to implement and maintain. It will also be tailored to your individual needs such as production methods, planned office concepts, favored room concepts or the necessary degree of representativeness.