As an experienced architecture and engineering office, we know that buildings are sensitive systems; if you do not consider the whole picture and complexity from the start, you will pay for it in the end. That is why we love what we do. We like to have all details planned right from the outset.
Also unique to working with us is that whether you wish to discuss design, construction, logistical, fire protection or any other issues, you will only have to interface with one partner throughout. This partner is responsible for all the jigsaw pieces of your venture and will ensure you have a smooth experience. So whether it be for residential or industrial developments, administration buildings, hospital construction, fire protection concept or statics: excellent planning, transparent documentation, efficient implementation and strict quality control are the key to our success. We have been at PODUFAL-WIEHOFSKY for almost 50 years. Challenge us. The more difficult the task and the higher the demands, the better. Our architects and engineers are already looking forward to it.